Medicare Supplements

//Medicare Supplements

What Are
Medicare Supplements?

Medicare Supplements work to offset a portion of the out-of-pocket costs that come with Original Medicare. These plans work as supplements to Medicare Part A and Part D.
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Plan Coverage

Medicare supplement plans are standardized and available in most states, including Florida. There are 10 Medicare Plan A through N which offer different benefits depending on the state where they’re offered (and there’s more than that!). All of these policies must provide standard coverage though – with some minor changes here or there for each individual enrollee’s needs!

The restrictions for supplementals plans are that if you have purchased a Medicare or Medicaid Advantage plan, you cannot buy a supplemental plan. These plans are designed to “supplement” Original Medicare and are designed for individuals only.


The Cost

Medicare supplement plans have standardized benefits, but the costs depend on which insurance company you choose. There are three main methods through which they calculate this expense: 1) issue-age related; 2) community Related; 3) attained age related.”

It should also be mentioned that these differences exist despite having identical names because each provider operates differently and sets its own rules about what exactly constitutes an eligible situation enough reason for needing coverage.

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