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What Is Medicare
Part D?

Medicare Part D is a form of insurance that provides prescription drug coverage for Medicare enrollees. It covers the costs for outpatient medications available at local pharmacies, mail orders or other centers; it also includes drugs covered under your plan’s stand-alone option. To get this benefit you either need an Advantage Plan with comprehensive healthcare including medication prescriptions (which most people have) or you must buy a single Medicare Part D plan.
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Medicare Part D Coverage

Coverage under Medicare Part D differs based on each individual plan and what insurance company you are working with. Every insurance company has a formulary, which is all the drugs that they cover under their plan. These companies are required to cover certain types of medication. These include: HIV medications, antipsychotics, cancer treatment drugs, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and immunosuppressants.

It is important that you are conscientious in regard to what plan you pick. Be aware of the medications you need covered before you decide on a plan for you!


Part D Tier System.

All Medicare Part D formularies (list of drugs) have a tiered system. These tiers classify with drugs are covered under a plan and how much they cost. The tiers range from tier 1, which is generic drugs, to higher tiers that include specialty medication.
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A number of factors can affect the cost of Part D plans. For instance, some may have a high deductible and others offer $0 deductibles to varying degrees. This depends on medication types or other criteria such that each person’s specific plan The cost of these plans can change year by year, so it is important to know your specific needs.

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